4 Hourly Chart – After a decent downtrend, Price has made a Inverse Head & Shoulder Pattern. This gives signal for reversal of the trend.

Learning – How t0 Calculate Target for Inverse H&S Pattern?

(Target calculation will be done by the perpendicular distance between the head and the neckline and can be added to the neckline once breakout done)

Daily Chart – Price has made the rounding TOP Pattern. It has also started 3rd bull wave. It’s clearly indicating the start of the bull run.

Short term Targets- 73-75-77

EURINR Daily Chart



After a decent run from 52000-70500 levels now MRF finally given the breakout.

Learning – What is Bull Flag Pattern? – How to Calculate Targets?

(Bull Flag Pattern is made when a nice linear uptrend happened in a stock and for very short term it gave the pause to the trend where Price take a breath and again started running in the continuation of the Trend & Calculation of the Target will be calculated from the start of the linear Bull run till the High of the trend which makes a “POLE” and then Pause of the trend makes a “FLAG”. Once the breakout happened (Volume should support the Breakout) Flag Distance from the start to the high will be added to the Breakout zone for the Possible upside Target)

Pole Height is 18500 Points and breakout level is around 67000. So, Here Expected Target will be 85000-85500.

Happy Investing !

MRF Daily Chart